Track Your Bus with Advanced GPS Tracking Solution

Track Your BusWith context of the recent Volvo incidents where several people lost their lives, AssetTrackr team has come up with Track Your Bus solution, which uses technology to ensure that such incidents could be prevented in future.

The solution will buzz drivers if they are over-speeding, ensure driver does not doze while driving, record hours of duty of individual drivers and email owners daily reports of any violations. Adding to these we provide OTP, ETA reports along with real time SMS based passenger notification to help improve on ROI and clients satisfaction.


The AssetTrackr GPS based vehicle tracking device is built with speed sensors which beeps every time the driver crosses the defined speed threshold for more than a minute. Also the violation is notified to the back-end team along over E-mails as well as smartphone notifications.


Each driver will be provided with a unique RFID card which he will have to swipe every hour while the vehicle is moving. In case the driver defaults, the device will beep alerting the driver.This ensures that the driver is not dozing and also used to record his hours of duty.


Over-speeding/Hours of Duty – Provides daily/monthly report of driver specific speed violations, highlights excess Hours of Duty.

OTP Arrival/Departure Report – Get daily email report of On Time Performance of Buses at pickup and drop-off points.

ETA Report – Attend to customer calls and provide estimated time of arrival of buses at pickup points.

Halt Report – Get to know passenger details along with time for which the bus stopped at each pickup/drop points. Any unauthorized stoppages is also highlighted.

Passenger Notification – Passengers will get SMS with short URL which shows real time location of the buses on their smart phones, one hour prior to their pickup time.


Accidents – big and small are a fact of life and while we may use technology as tool to use the post-accident data and analyze the cause of accident to formulate precautionary measures.

Track Your Bus provides real-time replay of the entire trip for analysis in case of accidents.Since the data is collected by AssetTrackr, there is 3rd party audit and can be legally enforced.


Track Your Bus unit is designed to be tamper proof. Operations team gets immediately notified if the device is tampered with.

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