AssetTrackr Launches Taxi Dispatch System to Help Taxi Operator Streamline their Operations and Achieve Efficiency

AssetTrackr Launches Taxi Dispatch Solution

Overview :

The taxi dispatch system helps any taxi operator to streamline their operations. Using the Taxi Dispatch Solution the operator can perform the following operations.

  • Record customer bookings along with pickup time and location.
  • Get to know where their taxis are at any point of time.
  • Automatically schedule bookings to nearest available taxis based on advance scheduling matrix.
  • Back-end operators can monitor in real time customer experience right from driver assignment to completion of trip.
  • Automated fare calculation based on pre configured fare template.

Features are explained in more detail in the section below.

Roles :

  1. Agent – The agent usually takes calls from the customers to record the bookings in the CRM. They can only take new bookings, modify and cancel bookings.
  2. Dispatcher – Once the booking is recorded by the Agent, the Dispatcher is responsible for assigning the taxi to available driver in case of manual setup. The Dispatcher is responsible to monitor the current bookings and ensure all customer bookings are running smooth.
  3. Admin – The Admin is responsible for Role Management, adding of new agents, dispatchers, driver management and vehicle management.

Features :

Booking Management.

Taxi Dispatch Solution Bangalore

Add a booking – This taxi dispatch system is used by the Agent to record a booking. The interface is integrated with Google Maps API to help auto complete pickup and drop off locations. Based on approximate route distance, estimated fare and fare rules are displayed which can be conveyed by the Agent to the customer.

Manage Booking – This taxi dispatch solution can be used by the Dispatcher to manage the current bookings. The Dispatcher is able to see the status of the current booking based on color coded feeds. Bookings are categorized based on –

  1. Whether the bookings has been assigned to a driver.
  2. Driver has reached customer location.
  3. The trip has started.
  4. The trip has ended.

Other features available are –

  1. The Dispatcher can also assign a driver to a booking manually from this interface.
  2. Dispatcher can manually update the fare once the trip is completed.
  3. Dispatcher can see the communication logs, of communication that has happened with the driver and the customer.
  4. Dispatcher can also see the audit trial of changes that has happened to the booking.

Fare Calculation.

Taxi Dispatch System India

  • Manual – The dispatcher can manually fill up fare details in case of manual bookings.
  • Auto – Based on fare template, automated fare is calculated at the end of the trip based on kilometers traveled, trip time, waiting time, night charges, city etc.

Assignment and Scheduling.

  • Manual – Dispatcher can see all free drivers near a booking request location along with cab types viz. Compact| Sedan | SUV and manually assign a driver to a booking based .
  •  Auto – The smart scheduling algorithm based on lot of matrix such as cab type viz. Compact| Sedan | SUV, proximity, hours of duty of driver automatically schedules and assigns the booking to the driver. Automating ensures optimal utilization and efficiency improvement by at-least 20 – 25%.

Driver Management.

  • Driver Identification – Each driver is identified by his mobile number. Every time the driver logs into the system, he has to authenticate himself using his 4 digit pass-code.
  • Driver Attendance – Driver attendance and hours of duty is recorded based on his login and logout time.
  • Driver Job History – Detail history of the jobs done by the driver can be extracted and can be used for driver payment consolidation.

Vehicle Management.

Vehicle Tracking Management gives a view of all taxis along with drivers who are currently associated with the taxis.  It shows the current location of the taxis as well.

Driver App.

  • On Duty / Off Duty – Drivers can use the app to punch in their login time and their log-out time.

Taxi Dispatch System Bangalore

  • Bookings – Bookings assigned to the drivers are automatically notified over the app.

Taxi Dispatch System Bangalore

  • Arrival – Driver can notify customer once they arrive customer location by press of the button.

Taxi Dispatch Solution Bangalore

  • Start Trip – Start of the trip can be recorded.

Taxi Dispatch Solution India

  • End Trip – Once the trip ends, the same can be recorded. Automated fare is calculated and displayed on the app.

                                              Taxi Dispatch system

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