Personal Car Tracking System in India – SafeKar

Every year approx 36000 cars worth Rupees 120 crore are stolen in India. Only 20-30% of the stolen cars are recovered but in very bad condition and most components are missing. The high end cars are more attractive targets for these thieves as they can sell these cars at throwaway prices in nearby states.

Price of personal car tracking systems in India have reduced drastically in the last 4-5 years. While before car tracking system in India would be priced more than Rs. 15000/-, today such devices can be easily had for Rs. 7000 – 9000. Such devices were not affordable previously and was mainly used by large fleets to manage and track their vehicles.

Recently India based start up AssetTrackr Pvt Ltd has launched personal vehicle tracking product SafeKar to address this need. One can order a car tracking device online which can be easily fitted in your personal car in any car accessory shop. Once installed the car can be tracked anytime/anywhere on the internet using your smartphone, notebook or laptop.

How Safekar Tracking Device Works

The car tracking device is connected to the car battery and comes with one year warranty. A nominal data charge of approximately Rs. 2000 per annum is charged against service and data usage charges.

Other cost benefits of personal car tracking systems includes identifying unauthorized trips, excessive idling by your driver which easily adds to your monthly fuel cost saving. Also identify unauthorized stoppages made by your driver or track your teen kid when he/she is late.

In case you don’t want to be tracked, you can just turn on the privacy mode from your smartphone.