Solution to Employee Security and Transportation System in Corporate Cabs

The safety for women at workplace and while traveling has become the center point  of corporate ethics lately. Because of many unwanted cases relating to women safety, many companies are taking major steps to create a secure and protected environment for working women.  The safety of women traveling in company cabs is what is the key issue to look at.

The emerging Cab business is a major part of Transportation in cities now and as well as for Employee Transportation. There lies the necessity of Cab Tracking System to be installed in all the Corporate Cabs to ensure the safety of the people traveling.  If the cab owners don’t want to be worried about the vehicle theft, installing a GPS Tracking Solution in cabs can help them be stress free.

The mostly preferred tracking in India is the app based tracking. App based tracking has the demerit that the driver can simply switch off the cell phone, provided by the cab company and can make himself untraceable. Therefore, in present scenario an additional layer of GPS Tracking in all cabs is important.

Know About Our GPS Tracking Solution and Devices

When it comes to security of your employees or business vehicles and assets, it is important to have knowledge about GPS Tracking devices and systems available in the market before buying and installing one. AssetTrackr- a WABCO company is one of the leading GPS Tracking Solution and Fleet Management Solution providers in India. The Most popular GPS devices we provide are-

Wired GPS Tracking Device: This device is the most popular one among the Corporate Cab Business owners. It is wired and can be installed and hidden inside the dashboard. This device can be used by all Transportation Business, Logistics, FMCG and Retailers. The device is integrated with the web and app so that we can get access of the location in real-time anywhere, anytime. AssetTrackr GPS Tracking Solution helps to provide fleet management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. With the detailed driving trip reports, one can also identify cab misuse by your driver.

OBD GPS Tracking Device: This device is mostly used by Personal car owners or small transportation business owners. One can be install it in a minute by simply plugging it into the OBD 2 port.

Standalone Device (SA): Standalone Devices are portable trackers and wireless, so you can use them for different things on a regular basis. Portable systems can move easily from car to car or person to person. There are no cumbersome wires anywhere on the device. AssetTrackr- SA, self powered GPS tracking and locating device GPS offers a full range of tracking and location capabilities suitable for Caravans, Trailers, Promotional Trailers, Non Powered Plant Equipment.

Additional Safety with GPS Tracking Solution for a full-fledged Employee Transportation System

The additional features that can be added to the AssetTrackr’s GPS Tracking Solution is to add a panic button to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situations where a threat occurs to persons or property exists. The device when pressed activates two-way speakers within the cab, which can be monitored via a command centre at a central location. The cabs will also come equipped with GPS devices, which can track the movement of the cab in the city. This can ensure a foolproof safety of its passengers, including women travelers.

AssetTrackr also has the immobilizer, an electronic security device which prevents the engine from running remotely, thus reduces motor vehicle theft and the driver misconduct.

It is always recommended to all the Corporate Cab providers to incorporate better safety measures, including the driver verification. AssetTrackr offers all range of Fleet services and technology features, fully customizable which serves the purpose.

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Optimise Fuel efficiency with AssetTrackr

The biggest operational expense in any fleet business is even more than driver expenses is Fuel expense. With the cost of fuel going high, effective fuel usage has become the most urgent and imperial task in running a successful fleet operation. Lack of fuel monitoring solution could result in serious business consequences and make a business less profitable. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 52% of operating costs.

Fuel theft mostly occurs at the gas station when refueling is done. Gas station attendants collude with the drivers at refueling time. The fleet owners know that he cannot rely on the bills produced as it can be easily manipulated. To regain control over the losses, fuel monitoring solution needs to be implemented to track fuel consumption, estimate mileage and automatically send alerts on fuel refills, pilferage detection etc. Installing a Fuel Management System is the logical solution to optimize the expense and to reach fuel efficiency.

AssetTrackr Fuel Monitoring Solution

What is Fuel Monitoring Solution?

Fuel monitoring Solutions are designed to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel within the transportation and construction industries. FMS is used to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed. This information can be stored in computerized systems and reports generated with data so the fleet owners can access anytime they want. Fuel monitoring Solutions send alerts when refueling is detected or if there is a drop in the fuel level without vehicle movement. Alerts are also sent if the engine is turned on and vehicle is stationary. This ensures that the owner/fleet manager is aware and keeps the driver honest.

Features / Benefits of Using Assettrackr’s Fuel Monitoring Solution

AssetTrackr’s vehicle tracking cum Fuel Monitoring Solution uses advanced ultrasonic fuel sensors to provide accurate fuel readings. Fuel theft control is carried out technically similarly to fueling control. GPS tracking device installed on vehicle receives data about changes of fuel level in the tank from the ultrasonic fuel level sensor. User of the tracking device knows about the unauthorized fuel draining almost immediately.

Fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server. So that you can do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking. Ultrasonic fuel level sensor is an advanced vehicle fuel monitoring device which is designed for the fuel management needs of company fleet. This sensor can detect the driver to steal fuel, optimize the operating costs, optimize the driver’s driving behavior and auxiliary statistical decision, etc. The sensor is equipped with a high precision ultrasonic probe, which can detect the fuel quantity in the fuel tank. Fuel quantity data will be sent to the server via GPS tracker, then generate the data report. Sensor support for serial output, so, it can be easily docking with other system.

Few highlights of the features offered are –

  1. High accuracy and remote tank monitoring : It keeps higher accuracy even in highest or coldest outside environment. You can check current fuel level reading from the web/smartphone.
  2. Excellent stability: Being different from direct-contact measurement, ultrasonic fuel level sensor adopts non-contact measurement, which can avoid pollution and corrosion from fuel and hence maintain stability for a long period of time.
  3. Easy installment and maintenance: You only need to install the sensor probe on lower surface of fuel tank. You don’t need to drill a hole in the fuel tank or change its original measurement. Its original fuel meter operates as usual.
  4. No pollution and lower consumption: This non-contact measurement and non-punch hole for fuel tank can keep off pollution from fuel.
  5. High reliability: It can still work in harsh environment and it is damp-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference, and intelligent. This product can be used independently to check fuel level data from auxiliary display unit. It seamlessly integrated with GPS tracker which sends fuel level data to host computer for statistics data collection, and perform analysis and query.
  6. Fuel theft Prevention: Check exact amount of fuel refilled along with location and time. This helps the owner reconcile the fuel bills provided to him by the drivers. 24/7 monitoring of fuel allows detection of even smallest withdrawals from the fuel tank.
  7. Automated Alerts– Get alerts on your Smartphone on fuel refill / pilferage.
  8. Automated fuel accounting and reporting– Provides you with precise fuel measurements and customized reports for detailed analysis on fuel consumption and monthly fuel consumption report so that you can detect anomalies and eliminate it. Get fuel log & cost/km reports. There is no need to have records on paper anymore, all data will be recorded automatically.

Electronic Trailer Locks for The Security of Your Cargos

Protecting your business with high-quality security systems is always a great way of keeping yourself protected from theft. The world has become increasingly focused on security in the world of information, and the threat posed by physical vulnerabilities has not been forgotten as technology moves forward. Key security of trailer lock is an integral part of your business when it relies on allowing your customers and employees to use large, valuable assets. Improper maintenance of your keys will inevitably result in loss of time and revenue. That is an unfortunate statement considering there are effective and reliable methods and tools available to make trailer lock key management easier than ever.

Some discussion needs to be done regarding the traditional lock & key system and the intelligent electronic trailer lock tracker system to understand the necessity of up gradation from traditional lock system to Smart Electronic Lock Tracker.

Features of Traditional lock & metal key system

A lock owner used to have the key to let themselves into their space and keeping access away from all other people who did not have the key. This is the simplest way, isn’t it? If the lock owner wanted to share the space or property with someone else, say family members, relatives or friends, he had to personally visit a locksmith. The locksmith would make an exact copy of the metal key using his tools.  Afterwards he needed to meet the person for whom the key was made for to hand over the duplicate key or he had to physically go and post or assign someone to deliver the key to the person.

It is important to take stock of every potential way the security of your keys might become compromised. Misplacement is the most common culprit, for example, when an employee forgets to actually place the key back in the secure locker before heading home, or the keys going missing entirely. Mismanagement is the leading cause of misplacement; this happens when the key isn’t properly tracked in the company system, whether it is actually missing or not.

Connecting locks to the internet is a new phenomenon, bringing new opportunities, and allowing locks to reach their full potential, designed for the cargo compartments of vans and semi-trailers, the device protects the rear doors of trailers and light commercial vehicles to prevent intruders from breaking into vehicles

AssetTrackr’s Intelligent Electronic Trailer Lock Tracker

Electronic Trailer lock

For enclosed trailers, you need to worry about more than someone taking the entire trailer. What you are storing inside could be significantly more valuable, and if you do not have the right type of trailer lock for your door, thieves can target the contents of your trailer rather than the whole trailer. AssetTrackr’s Smart electronic trailer lock tracker is an intelligent electronic lock to control container door (close/open) remotely. It can be also used as a GPS tracker to trace container remotely (location, speed and more) when needed.  The container door is opened by who, where and when can be monitored.
It enables the operators to keep tracking their containers when there is no constant power source continuously. It also gives full control to custom officials as it moves along the supply chain route from source to the destination. Operators can track their containers and receive alarms on the customized software platform.


Main features

  • AssetTrackr electronic trailer/container lock tracker is very robust, and it is with the protection grade IP67, perfect feature for dustproof and waterproof.
  • It is easy and simple to install onto the container.
  • The lock is with 12000mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside, which ensures 7-30 days with one time battery charge.
  • The electronic trailer lock tracker can lock the container door to protect the loading goods and can be unlocked by RFID card and SMS and APP remotely.
  • Built-in both GSM-GPS module so that remote online monitoring and real-time tracking can be possible.
  • Safety monitoring, can set alarms for illegal unlocking, wrong password entry, swiping card alarm, E-string brake alarm.


  • Customs cargo management
  • Express cargo monitoring
  • Logistic cargo transportation
  • Other asset monitoring & management

While you are looking for the best trailer security, be sure to make the investment in a quality trailer lock. You can maximize your trailer and cargo security with AssetTrackr’s Intelligent Lock Tracker solution.

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