GPS Fleet Tracking System for Car Carriers

Recently, a fleet safety conference was held in association with American Automotive Leasing Association wherein editorial of a renowned magazine featured an education track on heavy-duty vehicles which focused on key points such as improving the safety of heavy duty truck fleets.

The carriers that carry automobiles from manufacturers to distributors via road are excessively heavy duty carrying assets worth crores of rupees. Bigger trucks mean bigger safety problems on our highways in terms of increased deaths and injuries and significant damage to our roads and bridges which threaten all motorists. Considering all the factors, vehicle carriers companies are nowadays are opting for GPS vehicle tracking software for car carriers.

GPS fleet tracking system

Fitting the heavy carriers with all GPS Based Fleet Tracking System would counter the following problems:

  • Checking the real time status of the vehicle: It is very important to know the real time status of the vehicle whether the vehicle is moving, idling or parked. Any suspicious vehicle activity can be easily identified and same can be immediately communicated to concerned team etc.
  • Keeping in check the speed limit: Recently we came across big vehicles catching fire on highways. Police also reported that over-speeding was one of the reasons for such accidents. Therefore over-speeding of the vehicle has to kept on check. Using the tracking solution, one can set the speed limit for the vehicles. Once the vehicle over-speeds above specified speed, the same will be immediately alerted to the concerned team and driver can be instructed to slow down.
  • Vehicle Breakdown Intimation: Car carriers are very huge vehicles and require specialist attention when it breakdowns. Nowadays, the GPS Tracking Devices can be easily integrated with accessories such as panic button. So whenever there is vehicle breakdown, with a press of panic button, it alerts the operations team and repair operations can be initiated immediately.
  • Estimation of driver working hours:  Mostly these heavy carriers travel long distances. So the driver needs to share the driving. We all know that most of the times, vehicle accidents happen because of driver’s sleepless driving. Therefore GPS Tracking Device can be integrated with RFID readers. Employees are given RFID cards which they swipe through the readers which captures the information such as driver name, ID, start time of his duty, end time of his duty. Collecting all these information would educate the operations team about the driver behavior, make sure he does not do overdrive and he takes sufficient rest before the next driving session.


Coming to analytics, various reports such as movement report which gives trip time, avg speed, distance traveled etc will be given in a tabular form which can be also downloaded for future use. Stoppage reports , vehicle utilization report , over-speeding report etc. gives the company an useful insight to the vehicle behavior, driver behavior, vehicle movement which can lead to much more efficient operation and curtail unnecessary losses and expense to the company.

About AssetTrackr:

AssetTrackr was founded in 2011 with a vision to leverage Global Positioning System (GPS) and GPRS technologies to offer solutions in tracking mobile and fixed assets. Applications include online vehicle tracking, fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery, driver behavior monitoring, passenger safety, personal vehicle tracking, safety measures for corporate pickup/drop-off service, travel time and distance consolidation on leased vehicles, hours of operation on construction equipment etc. AssetTrackr solution is completely cloud-based and tightly integrated with the tracking hardware (designed to our specs) to provide a highly reliable, scalable and usable application. The solution can be completely personalized to the customer and provides role-based user hierarchy, alerts for various events like over-speeding, landmarks, Geo-fencing, and route deviation. The solution also provides consolidated reports and route mapping. A Smartphone application also provides anytime, anywhere access. AssetTrackr vehicle tracking solution can also be integrated into ERP systems via REST API’s.

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