SafeKar – GPS Personal Vehicle Tracking System for Safety of Your Loved Ones

AssetTrackr launches SAFEKAR, a GPS Real Time Personal Car Tracking system for your personal and chauffeur driven vehicles. With a small device fit in the car (either directly or via the vehicles OBD interface port), track your vehicles real-time on your smartphone, as well as the web.


GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System
GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System


  • Identify unauthorized trips and stoppages of your car. Stay in control of any situation.
  • When your loved ones are traveling, being able to track your car gives you the safety and security knowing you can locate them anytime and keep track of their whereabouts. (even if his/her phone goes off)
  • Keep an eye on the driver to check for over speeding, reckless driving, unauthorized detours and uncalled for stoppages. With SafeKar see how he is driving your vehicle.


gps tracker for car teens
Kids Teen Parents Car Tracking Device
  • Setup Geo-zones and landmarks to automatically get email or smartphone alerts when your car reaches home, office, school etc OR when the car violates the Geo-fence you set.
  •  Set and get alerts if the car is over-speeding, excessively idling, stopping for long hours, or making side trips without your knowledge.


  • Features like alerts on Geo-fence entry/exit, reports on excessive idling, over speeding, plus a convenient dashboard to show distance traveled, engine idling, over speeding and unauthorized stoppages would mean putting all your car related apprehensions to rest, forever.
  • With the historical view of reports and routes, you monitor the performance of your car through the screen of you smart phone.

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