Benefits of Fuel cum Vehicle Tracking Systems

Fuel Monitoring | Vehicle Tracking System for India

Benefits of Fuel cum Vehicle Tracking System for Transporters, Cargo and Logistic Companies

1. Improve your Customer Experience
. Inform customers of accurate delivery times
. Track and Improve on your on-time delivery schedules
. Send tracking URL of your vehicle carrying the consignment to the customer.

2. Improve Operational Efficiency –
. Reduce time wastage by drivers. Get alerted on excessive stoppage.
. Reduce excessive overtime expense claim by drivers
. Keep check on unauthorized vehicle usage.

3. Lower Fuel Bills and Prevent Fuel Theft –
. Reconcile fuel refill receipts provided by your drivers with our online accurate fuel refill report.
. Get alerted on pilferage.
. Get mileage report for trips.
. Reduce fuel consumption by reducing excessive engine idling.

4. Improve Vehicle and Cargo Safety
. Disable the vehicle engine remotely in case of theft.
. Can track and quickly send help in case of vehicle breakdown
. Ensure security and accountability for customer’s cargo

5. Improve Profitability and Return on Investment
. With improved efficiency, reduce no of trailers / trucks required to serve your customer.
. Get more business by providing best in class service

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