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How to improve safety of your Two-wheeler

Ensure safety of your Two-wheeler with SafeByke

As a child, our first experience of thrill and real freedom is when we learnt to ride our bicycle. We cherish this childhood moment forever as it brings to us a sense of joy like no other. Another time in our lives, we experience a similar joy is when we buy our first 2-wheeler, be it a scooter or a motorcycle with our hard-earned money. The sheer pleasure of the wind in our face when we first ride on our own 2-wheeler reminds us of our carefree days of riding a bicycle. We form groups and ride with our friends and family sometimes, life seems worth living.

At some point we may ask ourselves – is this place safe to park my 2-wheeler? That is when we experience doubt and this can sometimes turn into anxious thoughts. 2-Wheelers are easy targets for theft in India, as there is no built-in theft alarm or lock that is provided by the OEM, so the responsibility to safeguard our vehicle is on us. Thanks to affordable solutions available today with SafeByke, it is possible to secure yourself and your vehicle with GPS enabled tracking solution.

Source: Economic Times

SafeByke offers useful features and benefits:

Real-time Location Tracking: Real-time tracking is enabled via the web portal and on the smartphone app.

Anti-theft: ‘Safe Mode’ feature of SafeByke protects your vehicle by raising alerts and alarms on smartphone. This helps you prevent theft.

Get Instant Alerts: Get customized alerts on over-speeding, reckless driving, multiple stoppages and trip detours etc.You can mark your personal ‘points-of-interest’ such as home, office, college on the map and get notified via smartphones when the riders reach their destinations.

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