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Solution to Employee Security and Transportation System in Corporate Cabs

The safety for women at workplace and while traveling has become the center point  of corporate ethics lately. Because of many unwanted cases relating to women safety, many companies are taking major steps to create a secure and protected environment for working women.  The safety of women traveling in company cabs is what is the key issue to look at.

The emerging Cab business is a major part of Transportation in cities now and as well as for Employee Transportation. There lies the necessity of Cab Tracking System to be installed in all the Corporate Cabs to ensure the safety of the people traveling.  If the cab owners don’t want to be worried about the vehicle theft, installing a GPS Tracking Solution in cabs can help them be stress free.

The mostly preferred tracking in India is the app based tracking. App based tracking has the demerit that the driver can simply switch off the cell phone, provided by the cab company and can make himself untraceable. Therefore, in present scenario an additional layer of GPS Tracking in all cabs is important.

Know About Our GPS Tracking Solution and Devices

When it comes to security of your employees or business vehicles and assets, it is important to have knowledge about GPS Tracking devices and systems available in the market before buying and installing one. AssetTrackr- a WABCO company is one of the leading GPS Tracking Solution and Fleet Management Solution providers in India. The Most popular GPS devices we provide are-

Wired GPS Tracking Device: This device is the most popular one among the Corporate Cab Business owners. It is wired and can be installed and hidden inside the dashboard. This device can be used by all Transportation Business, Logistics, FMCG and Retailers. The device is integrated with the web and app so that we can get access of the location in real-time anywhere, anytime. AssetTrackr GPS Tracking Solution helps to provide fleet management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. With the detailed driving trip reports, one can also identify cab misuse by your driver.

OBD GPS Tracking Device: This device is mostly used by Personal car owners or small transportation business owners. One can be install it in a minute by simply plugging it into the OBD 2 port.

Standalone Device (SA): Standalone Devices are portable trackers and wireless, so you can use them for different things on a regular basis. Portable systems can move easily from car to car or person to person. There are no cumbersome wires anywhere on the device. AssetTrackr- SA, self powered GPS tracking and locating device GPS offers a full range of tracking and location capabilities suitable for Caravans, Trailers, Promotional Trailers, Non Powered Plant Equipment.

Additional Safety with GPS Tracking Solution for a full-fledged Employee Transportation System

The additional features that can be added to the AssetTrackr’s GPS Tracking Solution is to add a panic button to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situations where a threat occurs to persons or property exists. The device when pressed activates two-way speakers within the cab, which can be monitored via a command centre at a central location. The cabs will also come equipped with GPS devices, which can track the movement of the cab in the city. This can ensure a foolproof safety of its passengers, including women travelers.

AssetTrackr also has the immobilizer, an electronic security device which prevents the engine from running remotely, thus reduces motor vehicle theft and the driver misconduct.

It is always recommended to all the Corporate Cab providers to incorporate better safety measures, including the driver verification. AssetTrackr offers all range of Fleet services and technology features, fully customizable which serves the purpose.

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ZobLite – Work Force Management System and Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Zoblite provides  complete suite of Work Force Management System and Last mile Delivery optimization solutions.  In this blog, we briefly describe  delivery workforce management system that can be supported by our application as shown in  graphics below:

Work flow Management System | ZobliteOverall Layout of Zoblite –Workforce Management System and solution

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Athena Travels uses AssetTrackr’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Real Time Tracking

Athena Travels uses GPS vehicle tracking System

Athena travels is a Bangalore based 24X7 cab service company established in 2006. It provides diverse needs to customers from corporates, individuals and tourists.  Athena travels has more than 500 cars with most of them equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and real time Internet Cab Booking System. They focus mainly on excelling customer service through quality in service and user-friendly experience. Athena Travel’s prime profitability is from its service to corporate employees. Continue reading Athena Travels uses AssetTrackr’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Real Time Tracking