AssetTrackr’s Fleet Management Services for Enterprises

gps vehicle tracking indiaAssetTrackr’s Fleet Management Services for enterprise is designed to leverage the capabilities of GPS intelligence and real-time location updates to assimilate key metrics on the fleet and organize the information in order to monitor and manage it effectively. Well suited for any fleet size- big or small, the fleet management solution is scalable as business scales to quickly produce a measurable ROI.

AssetTrackr’s Fleet management solution provides many new capabilities that allow the operators to run their fleet operations smoothly.

The simple and intuitive user interface provides powerful features like group-wise access without the need for multiple accounts, bird’s eye view of entire fleet and the ability to report historical and real-time data. Fleet statistics are reported and provide insights into operations (Fuel consumption, over-speeding stoppages etc.) to assess fleet’s capability and identify areas of improvement. With AssetTrackr’s enterprise solution fleet operations are streamlined with load planning, dispatch, route optimization reports and events being just a click away.

gps tracking system indiaFor operators running large fleets across geographic locations, AssetTrackr provides a premium feature called Tiles view. The Tiles view shows each group in a separate map window with each window auto adjusted to fit all vehicles of the group in the view.
AssetTrackr’s innovative enterprise solution is designed to harness the power of location based services and integrating it with cloud computing to make actionable fleet data available at the operators fingertips to ensure predictive performance of the fleet.

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