An Overview of Car Tracking System in India

In the ever growing technology era, staying connected has become very much important. People feel that there is very much need for their vehicle to be tracked for several reasons. Vehicle like car tracking system in India is becoming a necessity.

Car Tracking System in India

  •  Make sure that their loved ones such as elderly parents, small kids are traveling safe in their cars.
  • Stay connected with their cars and make no compromise with the safety and security of the car.
  • Make sure their teenage daughters/sons are not recklessly driving their vehicles.

According to statistics, currently 6-7 % of the Indian Market has opted for GPS based car tracking. In the coming years, the graph would take steep raise in the number i.e 70 – 80 % of the vehicles would be fitted with GPS based tracking system. The main reason behind this raise would be ever increasing crime rates, reckless driving or increasing thefts of expensive cars. Keeping in mind all these factors, already number of states in India like Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh have made tracking devices mandatory for the public transport. There are also couple of automobile manufacturers who are offering in built GPS devices for tracking. This accounts for huge and competitive market for car tracking device manufacturers in India. The license plate covers are becoming popular as they drastically reduce your chances of getting caught by speed cameras and red light cameras.

Coming to Car tracking system in India, we need to focus on the essential features of vehicle tracking system that need to be bundled along with offer as a solution in the market.

  • The first and foremost thing should be real time tracking. Real time tracking enables the user to track his vehicle live on the maps. With this, user can be aware of the status of vehicle whether the vehicle is moving, parked, current location etc.
  • The user should be given an option to trace the route the car has taken .This can greatly help the user to analyze his car usage, and identify the vehicle misuse if the car is being used by others or if it is a driver driven car.
  • The user should be alerted for excessive idling, over-speeding, excessive stoppages and also of a potential car theft.
  • The user should be given an option to share his location through a real time tracking URL to loved ones. This ensures there is no room for panic in emergency situations.

Lastly coming to pricing, there are various companies offering car tracking system in India. An ideal car tracking system in India would cost anywhere between INR 6000 – INR 7000 along with annual subscription cost of around INR 2000. There are cheap unbranded hardware available in market which is available for INR 4000 – INR 5000 which are not very reliable. The moment it stops working, it has to be thrown.

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