Bus Tracking Solution – TrackYourBus

Would you like to improve customer satisfaction, monitor and manage your bus schedules/pick-up/drop-off points? Trackyourbus is a GPS based tracking solutions for buses as per your needs. With Trackyourbus, you(as the bus operator) can track your buses in real-time, check if the bus is operating on schedule, whether passenger picks-ups are happening at the correct time, send alerts to passengers in case of delays.

Passengers’ delight – Operator convenience:

  • TrackYourBus sends SMS notifications to passengers on current location of the bus and expected time of arrival at the boarding point in case of delay
  • Using Smartphone’s, passengers can also track the bus location by accessing the URL send via SMS/Email to them

Idling & stoppage report:

  • TrackYourBus provides detailed report of idling and stoppage information for every vehicle
  •  It helps to quickly identify and address excessive idling and unauthorized stoppages

Speeding Report:

  • The Report helps to control excessive speeding due to fast acceleration resulting in accidents and inefficiencies in fuel-consumption.
  • TrackYourBus provides over-speeding alerts and detailed speeding reports. Routes are color-coded to clearly identify over-speeding.

On time performance report (OTP):

  • TrackYourBus OTP report provides daily detailed report of expected pick up/drop-off times along with exact time of arrival at the pickup locations for the entire fleet.
  • The OTP report helps monitor and manage the bus schedules to efficiently manage the operations and set correct customer expectations.
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