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AssetTrackr Introducing Personal Car Tracking Device – Safekar

Personal Car Tracking System - SafeKarAs the GPS based vehicle tracking systems made it easy to track vehicle on real time, AssetTrackr gives solution for real time personal car tracking keeping in mind the safety precautions of the school children, family members in shopping, family tours and teenagers going out with friends. Continue reading AssetTrackr Introducing Personal Car Tracking Device – Safekar

Bus Tracking Solution – TrackYourBus

Would you like to improve customer satisfaction, monitor and manage your bus schedules/pick-up/drop-off points? Trackyourbus is a GPS based tracking solutions for buses as per your needs. With Trackyourbus, you(as the bus operator) can track your buses in real-time, check if the bus is operating on schedule, whether passenger picks-ups are happening at the correct time, send alerts to passengers in case of delays. Continue reading Bus Tracking Solution – TrackYourBus

School Bus Tracking

With safety and secured pick up/drop off of the school children being major agenda for both school management and parents.AssetTrackr provide real time GPS based tracking device as a monitoring solution to the school management and empower parents to know the status of the school bus arrival at the pick up/Drop off.

Real time Tracking & Enhanced Security

  • SMS/Email alerts are triggered to parents on the location of bus and expected time of pick up/Drop offs

Continue reading School Bus Tracking