Abir Infrastructure uses AssetTrackr’s Fleet Management Solution for Real-Time Tracking of Its Vehicles

Abir Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (AIPL) is a specialized Engineering and Construction Company engaged in the construction / execution of Hydro, Thermal Power projects & Transmission associated works. It is also specialized in handling Procurement, Supply and Management of Mining Equipment.

AIPL deploys AssetTrackr’s fleet management solution in vehicles that are used for employee transportation or airport pick-up/drop-offs.  Real time tracking and Geofence entry/exit features offered by AssetTrackr, allow efficient dispatch, ability to locate and track vehicles in real time, analyze driver behavior and optimize fuel usage and curb fuel pilferage.

Installing AssetTrackr GPS tracking device in their vehicles has allowed AIPL save considerable cost on fuel expenses. This also brings in predictably of the employees being on the job, besides providing transportation convenience, vehicle misuse is also minimized and accountability has improved.

For example, with stoppage detections on the trip report, AIPL was able to identify cases where the driver claimed reimbursement for airport parking, but never parked the car. Scrutinizing the trip history helped identify instances where drivers made extra trips between routine pick-up and drop-offs. This helped in behavior modification of the drivers.

Month-end summarized reports on vehicle statistics, utilization, idling duration and total distance traveled everyday as well as cumulative distance traveled in a month helped AIPL in tallying the GPS based reports with manual entry for the trips made by drivers. There has also been a considerable improvement in driver behavior in terms of limited instances of over-speeding, unnecessary idling, route deviations and reckless conduct on the road.

AssetTrackr solution has proven to be robust and reliable. We have been using it for the last 12 months and the solution paid for itself in cost-savings. We are jointly working on tackling ‘hours of operation’ for construction equipment” says Ramesh Surapaneni, Director, Abir Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

The AssetTrackr GPS tracking device is very compact and can be installed under the dashboard and comes with a web based access to their hosted service on the Cloud. The fleet management solution provides real-time tracking of the entire vehicle , grouping them by regions for easy manageability and provides advanced features like landmarks and Geo-zones for setting/receiving alerts. The AssetTrackr solution comes with a user friendly web interface and a smartphone application for anytime, anywhere access.

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