ZobLite – Manage Your Workforce and Complete Delivery Using Our Automated Last Mile Optimisation Suites.

Zoblite provides a complete suite of workforce management and last mile delivery optimization solutions.  In this blog, we briefly describe the delivery workflow steps that is supported by the application as shown in the graphics below;

1. Customer / Sales orders get pushed to our system

Customer/ Sales order can be inputed to the system using a simple form based interface. Alternatively third party CRM systems can be integrated using our simple REST Based APIs or uploaded as simple comma separated (.csv) file.

2. Automated Load Planning

Based on the input sales order and vehicle loading capacity, orders are automatically assigned to the vehicles in order to maximize the weight and vehicle utilization to the vehicle.

3. Automated Route Planning and Optimization

Sales orders are clustered based on geographical location of the orders. Routes are planned while taking care of delivery time window constraints, per delivery stops and traffic conditions.

4. Automated Job Scheduling and Assignment

Once route and load planning is completed, optimized e-trip sheets are generated based on shortest time / distance. The infrastructure is  built on top of Google’s Enterprise platform. The e-trip sheets can be assigned and pushed to the smartphone of workers.

5. eTrip Sheet and Delivery

Workers can follow the optimized route with navigation assistance to make the deliveries. The status of each delivery is updated in real time to the back-end systems. Workers can also collect e-proof of Deliveries as well as field payments.

6. Report and Analytics

Detailed delivery statistics, payment collection reports and analytics are provided.

Zoblite is powered by AssetTrackr. AssetTrackr solutions are trusted by hundreds of Retail, FMCG, Cargo and Logistic companies like BigBasket, ITC, Emami, Spar.For demonstration and further details please get in touch with our sales team.

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