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Driver Behavior Monitoring is the key to Safe and Efficient Fleet Management

Did you know that for a fleet management company, the drivers play a key role in defining the TCO. Most of the accidents on the roads are attributed to unruly driver behavior while a good driver can expand the life of your vehicles and reduce the cost of your vehicle operation by a considerable amount. Driver behavior monitoring is a vital tool which allows a fleet manager to understand the driving style of the driver that might not be safe or efficient and therefore in need of correction.

Mileage drop, over speeding, idling, over driving and much more are some very pressing factors that most of the vehicle owners are quite concerned about apart from constantly stressing about the safety of vehicles in the hands of drivers.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Types of Driver Behavior that affect Fleet Management System

One of the top driver related vehicle concerns that need to be addressed are:

  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh Accelerations
  • Sharp Turn
  • Vehicle Idling
  • Over-speeding
  • Over-driving

What is Harsh braking and Harsh acceleration?

Harsh acceleration of braking is an event when the driver has applied more than normal force to the vehicle’s brake or accelerator. Also called the lead foot syndrome, harsh braking or acceleration can indicate rash driving, lack of proficiency or even possible accident. It must be noted that higher frequency of such events is not only an indicator of rash driving, but also does it affect the overall health of the vehicle in the long term.

Additionally, it is a known fact that frequent harsh acceleration & braking also considerably drops the vehicle fuel mileage

Other alarming problems of harsh braking/acceleration

Environmental hazard: Harsh braking and acceleration is known to make vehicles emit more gases into the environment, adding to the air pollution.

Brake damage: Harsh braking overheats the breaks of the vehicles and reduces their lifespan. The metal components and brake pads face major damage risks in the long run, adding to unwanted maintenance expenditure

Other Driving behaviors that affect fuel efficiency

Sharp Turns affects car’s transmission system and it also hurts engine. Excessive idling also results in fuel wastage,Idling 8 hours a day can waste a lot of amount, and increase maintenance costs.

Excessive speeding or over-speeding is also a problem statement for fleet managers, over speeding often leads to some unnecessary damage of your vehicle and accidents, which becomes a liability. Over-speeding is also one of the biggest causes of fuel wastage. It decreases gas mileage when a driver exceeds speed than the vehicle’s optimal fuel efficiency.

To run a successful business fleet is not about hiring drivers to drive your vehicle, it also depends on how you can monitor your driver activities. You never know whether they’re engaging in risky driving behavior and  often misuse the vehicle. Many drivers run out-of-route, for example, such as for trips to the grocery store, meeting a personal friend, or picking up his kids from school,etc. These extra trips also increases your business operational cost. It is always better to minimize this extra fuel consumption, and monitor your driver behavior.

GPS Fleet Tracking System for Car Carriers

Recently, a fleet safety conference was held in association with American Automotive Leasing Association wherein editorial of a renowned magazine featured an education track on heavy-duty vehicles which focused on key points such as improving the safety of heavy duty truck fleets. Continue reading GPS Fleet Tracking System for Car Carriers

AssetTrackr Provides Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet management solution requirement for Cargo, Courier and Container movement is not just limited to tracking the vehicle location, but also extends to achieve safety and security of vehicles, goods and drivers, remote support capabilities, theft deterrence and resource optimization.

Fleet Management includes a lot of responsibilities, which is not an easy activity to perform. Now the general question is how does a fleet management solution work? Once you install a GPS Tracking Device on the vehicles, the system starts collecting information from the vehicles, like location, direction, speed etc. It also provides powerful insights on fuel performance if combined with fuel card provider.

You can get additional fleet data on driver behavior and almost everything you need to know about your fleet at your fingertips 24/7 from any device. Continue reading AssetTrackr Provides Advanced Fleet Management Solutions